Measured Surveys

We perform measured surveys, providing you with an accurate drawing of an existing building or site. We can provide detailed floor plans, elevations, and sections depending on your requirements. All our surveys are performed using the latest technology producing plans in 2D or 3D and can be provided in a variety of formats. During the initial scoping we will discuss the array of options and benefits from a survey to ensure that you are getting the information you require.

Measured surveys can be conducted at any point of a project, and have a vast array of benefits. They can be used to quickly capture the existing space to assess for feasibility or even just to ascertain the size of the property. A measured survey can also be performed as a project progresses to capture any changes or rework proposals, giving you confidence you have accurate data at your fingertips. On completion of a project, a survey can be used to produce ‘as built’ drawings, providing a record of the precise building and any required information.

Survey services can be extended to include identification and recording of electric points, lighting, and structural/stud walls to assist in special reconfiguration.

Space Planning

We offer a range of space planning services, whether it is a one off space planning project or you are looking to roll out a consistent format to a number of stores we have the experience and knowledge to assist.

Firstly we will spend time getting to know you and your business, including reviewing your planning principles, ensuring that you get the most out of your space. We provide space planning at a macro level, providing store plan layouts detailing departments or sectors inline with the planning principles and working with the space. If you are looking to get the most from your products lines, we can extend our service to provide planning at a micro level. By spending time understanding your business, we will provide commodity plans, detailing space allocation by category or products. Alongside this we can design a customer way-finder experience to help you fully assess the customer experience and journey, proposed signage and data capture.

Our services also extend to outside the store where we can provide car park layouts, ensuring customers experience is positive from the very start whilst also ensuring compliance with regulations.
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Detailed Design

We offer design intent packs for commercial clients, whether it is one off retail unit or a planned roll out. We build bespoke proposals for each of our clients, and will work with you during the initial scoping phase to offer you a range of services that will not only help you achieve the end product but will also be beneficial to your long term plans. For new concepts we can produce a principal design pack for use in future store design and for presentation to investors.

Our services start from the initial concept, covering the design and the shop front. We can provide proposed elevations, construction drawings for replacement shop fronts, signage proposals and also arrange advert consent.

Moving inside the building, we can produce full plans, detailing layouts which not only ensure the best customer journey but also inline with building regulations. Our services can be extended to coordinate M&E drawings with third party suppliers, which allow for a complete pack to be passed to contractors.

Joinery Drawings

We provide detailed joinery working drawings, including 2D manufacturing drawings and 3D visuals if appropriate. Working with joiners that are delivering bespoke solutions to the residential and commercial sectors we work closely with them to develop a concept to detailed construction drawings.

Our services range from offering drawing for bespoke counters and custom kitchens to oak framed buildings and staircases

Why Choose Us

Sustainable Design

We work closely with our clients to produce sustainable solutions that are cost effective to build. .

Security and Peace of Mind

We have delivered numerous projects for numerous clients that range from small renovations to large commercial projects

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